Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did you use that?

I come walkin out of the bathroom at Chick-fil-A this one time with my youth group...So I use the bathroom and come out and Micheal, one of the guys who is usually on the quieter side, is like, "Did you just use that?" I'm like, "uh, Yeah!" So he is like you used THAT bathroom? I'm just like thinkin, okaaaaaaay enough questions about my bathroom use! I'm like kinda attitude, "Uh yeah, I used that bathroom! WHY?!" He very simply & calmly says, "Because, thats the Men's." AHAHAHA! I was like, OMW! I can't believe I just went into the MEN'S room AND used it without even realizing it!!! We were all like HYSTERICAL laughing! Then I was like... HEEEEEEY! Thats why there was a urinal in there!!!
My brother was like, WHAT?! You mean to say that you ACTUALLY saw the urinal and didn't realize it was the men's bathroom!?!?!? I'm like, "NOPE! I saw it and thought to myself, hmmmm thats kinda odd to have in the woman's okaay ...whatever...People these days are just SOOOOO weird!!!"AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Total Classic Mary Moment!!! ;)