Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First of all...
I was SCREAMING when I saw these!!!

Hey Ladies!
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His shirt says...
Kiss me I'm Irish!!!
I sooooooooo need one of those shirts!!! ;)
Then last Friday, some of my family came and was visiting from Texas.
This is my cousin Aaron(my mom's side of the family) and his adorable baby!
This baby had THE SOFTEST hair on the back of his head!
It was like the softest peach fuzz in the world!!!

This is his daughter Molly! She was sooooo sweet and well behaved!
Look! We have matching blue eyes! (YAY!)
I wish I had gotten more pictures and I wish I had one of my cousin's wife Julie.
She is really, really nice and she has the PRETTIEST red hair!!!
(I've ALWAYS wanted red hair!)
AnywayZ, we all had a really good time together...Aaron moved waaaaaay up in my world when he hugged me goodbye and said that I could cook for him ANYTIME!!! Even if no one else wants to eat it he will! I was like Awwwwwwww!!! and he LOVED my Peanut butter cake, which I had totally thought I botched! LOL!
Hope you guys come back SOON!
Next time you guys come we gotta take all the kids to The Children's Museum
(It's VERY hands on and lotsa fun and INSIDE WITH AC! LOL) AND Uncle Joe, You NEED to bring your motorcycle and take me for a spin!!!!
OMW!!! That would be SOOOOO much fun!!!
I would TOTALLY be bloggin about that!!! ;)
Check out my cousins...

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