Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For the girls...

If you had a tiara, it would be:

1. Stuffed in a closet with tons of other things you’ve lost interest in.

2. Gone … you lost it during a crazy night out last week. (A hyper moment for sure!)

3. Filled with rubies, diamonds and emeralds and locked in a lighted display case for all to see.

4. A traditional diamond encrusted headpiece worthy of royal ceremonies.

5. CRUSHED somewhere, cause you forgot to put it away when done using it!

6. ALWAYS on your head to let everyone know!

7. Who needs a dumb Tiara!?!?!

8. Dainty, simple, BUT elegant

WEEEELLL...I would fo sho NOT pick number seven cause I am totally a girly-girl...and I SOOOOO have a tiara!!! LOL! BUT at the same time, I'm NOT exactley, Miss Perfect!!! ( I KNOW, Surprise! Surprise!!!)  ;] Soooo I think I would have to FOR SURE pick #2 AND #5...THOSE two BOTH, like TOTALLY, describe MY tiara!!! I either lost it havin fun OR forgot to put it away...RIGHT Tree?!?!! ;)
So your tiara is?!?!