Monday, June 7, 2010

If I were a Princess!!!

I took a test to see WHAT kind of princess I would be...I got DIVA...(W/E that means) LOL
This is how my results describe me....

♥You love the spotlight, the limelight and every light in between!!! (WHO ME?!;) Oh yeah, So totally true!

♥Everyone wants to be around you...
and you know it and milk it for all it’s worth! ----> Uh, yeah I kinda do!!!

♥You don’t need to read fashion magazines [cause I make fashion happen!!! AND I don't care about the name brands or if its "in" its just gotta be totally cute and BABELICIUS!!!]

 ♥ And makeup? WHO NEEDS IT?!?! Give it up girls!!! God made YOU and true beauty comes from God!!! (Thats straight from Bro. Garrett's class last semester---APOSTOLIC DOCTRINE---AWESOME CLASS!!! TAKE IT!!!)

♥When you choose clothes and decoarations you think the brighter, the better!  YUP!!!
Make it stand out and it better be HOT!!! BUT I'm tryin to be better about THAT!!!
♥You’re the life of the party!!! (Weeeelllll...I DO LOVE PARTIES!!! BUT...My Bishop said one time that a ladies place in life is NOT to be the "Life of the party!" Sooooooo lets just say I enjoy SOCIALIZING or sumthin...;)

♥Everyone loves you!!! -------> Don't EVEN deny it, you know it's true!!! ;)
(Test Result words are in pink---my add ons are the multi-colored!:)