Sunday, June 27, 2010


I just wanted to tell EVERYONE that this NEXT Friday, July 2nd, Phoenix Children's Museum is having free entrance!!! This is an AWESOME place to take your kids!!! SERIOUSLEY it is sooooo such a blast!!!
Your kids will LOVE it and its FREE!!! Normally about $10.00 soooo thats a big savings especially if you have like a MILLION kids!!! LOL!

The COOL big kids!

This house is in the art room and the kids can paint it! It has like a MILLION layers of paint this far...I actually don't thinks its THAT many but they have record and its A LOT! LOL!

For more info about this place click HERE
Parent's I promise you will NOT be bored at this museum(Cause you'll be too busy chasing your kids around!!! HAHAHHAHA!!!)
Hope to cya there!!!!!