Friday, June 25, 2010

He made my night!!!

*SIGH...he really, really, REALLY did make my night!!!
The Cashier at Fry's Marketplace!!!
This is what happened...
We're like waiting on line and I notice that he is like THE ONLY cashier and there are like NO baggers at all, ANYWHERE!!! So being the person that I am I decide to go around and start baggin the groceries for him. As I am doing this I just kinda quietly, under my breath am singin a little...Gaither's "He came down to my level...he'll make your life worth a living...thats what he came down for..." So i'm justa singin, like I always am, like everywhere I go...AND the cashier looks at me and says, "You have a REALLY nice voice!" I am like kinda shocked...pause...then say..OH THANK YOU! He is like, "Do you sing?!" There is now like a TEN SECOND is like..."Like at your school?" hahahahhahA... he still thinks i'm in school!!! BAHAHA! "Well at my in the choir!" (That I just rejoined last week...see choir you just NEED me soooooo much...LOL!)

He is like, oh well you sing really good or something...and I stuttered another THANK YOU! I was just soooo thrilled to know that SOMEONE in this world enjoys my singin...thats for ALL YOU PEOPLE AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...that tell me to shutup and turn up the radio etc...LOL!!!
HAHAHAHAHA! It really did make my night and it took everything WITHIN me to just continue baggin the groceries without laughing hysterically!!! My sister said she noticed that I quite singing after that...I was like WEEEEEEEEllllllllll....I sing unto THE Lord....I didn't wanna like put on a show or nothing!!! ;) (ok, ok, okaaaaaay I was kinda embarassed, I didn't even realize I was singing at all!) It woulda been soooooo funny if I had just like pulled out this mike or something...
This is for you FRYS cashier!!!
Thanks for MAKING MY NIGHT!!! :D