Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW!!! it's been SOOOOOOO cRaZy busy these last two weeks...with camps back to room is like Whooooooaahhh!!! I hardly even have ANY clothes hangin in my closet!!! Funny thing is that someone complimented me on my room last night!!! Said they LOVED it and it was soooo cute...HAHA! Well I guess things will be calming down till Heritage...but then again...I have stuff goin on everyday this week then the next I am doing respite for another foster girl... plus school now...anywayZ
The last night of Jr. Camp was AWESOME!!! Bro. Franks only sang like to songs and the power of God fell in the service...See, God REALLY does love those OLD songs!!! I'm tellin you, i had been prayin with our girls that needed the Holy Ghost all week and felt like we were gettin NO WHERE!!! I was frustrated, tired and worn out!!! BUT that night, we didn't even have alter call. Everyone just started prayin right where they were at in there seats. We went over and started praying with them, and FINALLY it was like one by one, their spirits began to break and the tears began to fall and they were soon speaking in was AMAZING!!! Every time, I see someone get the Holy Ghost it amaZes me!!! I know that TRULEY there is NO GREATER miracle to be witnessed, then the pouring out of God's spirit!

One girl got the Holy Ghost with one eye open THE WHOLE time!!! It was SOOOOO funny!!!! Tears just trickling out but eye STILL open!!! LOL! Gotta LOVE kids!!!

WEEEEEEEEllllllll here are some albums of pics from all the camps and stuff...ENJOY!!!

A Mountain Apart Apostolic Youth Camp HERE
Jr. Youth Camp Phone pics HERE
My sis's camera HERE