Saturday, June 19, 2010

For Bro. Brett!!!

This WHOLE blog post is special for BRETT MYERS!!! I was told that he would be HONORED to be on here!Here is a picture of THE HANDSOME BreTt, sitting on some GORGOUS BABE'S lap!!! (She IS single guys!!;)
Brett is an awesome boy! He told me at camp that my name was Brother-sister-Mary! (My niece calls me mister and some other kids call me uncle...soooo I guess it goes!)Then he showed me his bug house and I asked him if he had any bugs in it and he says, "NO! I HATE BUGS!!!" So I'm like well what are you gonna do with a bug house then? And he says, "KILL THEM!" I'm like Alright!!! Thats MY KINDA MAN! LOL!
Last, here is THE TOILET picture up AGAIN special for BRETT! His mom told me that he like really likes lookin at the pic of this toilet an that he'll like ask her at really random times to see it again on her iPhone...Like when they're at the store he'll say, "I wanna see that picture of THE TOILET AGAIN!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA! LOL! Thats AWESOME!!!  So here it is again BreTt!!! Make sure you keep askin your mommy to see it!!! :)