Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My San Diego Admirer!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel....When I was in San Diego...I discovered that I had an ADMIRER!!!
I was kinda like, REALLY surprised about it...but VERY honored at the same time! It's one of those situations where I know that NOTHING will probabley ever come of would never work out...but at the same time it just kinda gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside!
Like AWWWWWWW I feel sooooo SPECIAL!
Here is a pic of me and my admirer!

Yes! That is in fact a picture of me and my admirer...
 HOW do I know that the Ocean likes me?!?!
Well it never smiled or talked to me or NOTHING...
EVERY TIME, I would  look at it... it would...
WAVE at ME!!!!! ;)
Yup, me and the ocean, it happened in SD, summer 2010!
... I truley do love the ocean so!!!
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