Thursday, June 3, 2010

We try...

Have you ever noticed that we as humans try SOOOO hard...TO HARD figure life out! I was teaching my bible class last week about trusting in God. As I was teaching and preparing a lesson for was like God literally gave me my own lesson as well. For my lesson I did on object lesson with them about trust. I blindfolded them, then led them around the church as I did my bible lesson. It was kinda dramatic and they were freaked out cause they couldn't see what was going on around them. They were like, "Mary, Mary, MARY!!! We're scared!" And I was like, okaaaaaay there is like NOTHING to be scared of...because I could see and I knew EXACTLEY what was going on around them. They were fine and nothing was gonna happen to them as LONG as they stuck by ME!
Well when I was done with the bible story, I said, Ok girls, now you have a choice, you don't HAVE to follow me anymore, if YOU want you can just try and get back to the class by yourself...but YOU HAVE TO STAY BLINDFOLED!!! They were like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Take us MARY! As kids, they KNEW that it only made sense for them to get back to the classroom by TRUSTING me...the one that could see!!!
Sometimes I try SOOOO hard to figure out my life, and it's like WHY?!?! I really HAVE NO idea what's gonna happen next and YET, I spend SOOOO much time trying to figure it out! But the truth is that on my own, I find myself stumbling around....FRUSTRATED... Cause I'm blinded to the future...We don't always know what's gonna happen next...BUT God can see. He knows the beginning to the end. He knows everything that is gonna happen...we just have TRUST HIM! All those times that we're scared and confused about what is going on around us, GOD CAN SEE!!! It doesn't matter WHAT happens in life, as long as you stick with Jesus...Everything is gonna be alright! We just have to let go of our own will, the unknown wonderings of our lives and LET THE ONE THAT CAN SEE  lead us.
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart.
Lean not unto thy own understanding.