Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost is STILL a miracle!!

My neice Mary Jo ALMOST got the Holy Ghost tonight!!! She said this afternoon that she WANTED to pray tonight and I was like YES! She said she was gonna sit up front with me and everything...come preachin time I just see that girls eyes droopin...I was like OH NO WAY!!! That is soooooooo NOT happening!!! So I put her on my lap and KEPT bouncing her and makin her get up and worship with me in the preaching...LOL!!!

AnywayZ, just the fact that she is EVEN seeking the Holy Ghost is a TOTAL MIRACLE and an AWESOME birthday present to us BOTH!!!! Just last month, at the Jr. Camp, she was covering her ears any time the Holy Ghost was even mentioned and at alter call she was sitting on the ground just rollin around and playing with THE DIRT!!! LOL!
This morning pastor preached a simple message, but all the kids could just totally relate to it. It was about something they could ALL relate with...SWIMMING, DROWNING AND FLOATIES!!! HAHA!!! Something just clicked in her and SHE WANTS THE HOLY GHOST!!!

I was talkin to her this afternoon and I was like tellin her all kinds of stuff about kids getting the Holy Ghost. I was tellin her about when I got the Holy Ghost and then I remembered Cara Wilkins telling me about when SHE got the Holy Ghost... how she did wanna raise her hands or something and she would stop praying when people would come over to I start tellin her about Cara, cause she just thinks that Cara is like SOOOOO cool and I told her that Cara finally decided NOT to have an attitude about it and just raise her hands. So i'm like you kinda hav a little bit of an attitude still, huh girl!!! And she is like, "Yeah!!! Kinda like JESTINA!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Keep MJ in your prayers.
 She said she is going to keep praying for it at HERITAGE this next week!