Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been told...

I've been told before, NOT to toot your own horn...BUT guess what I am about to do?! Yes thats right!!! I'm gonna toot my own horn!!! ;)
(Heeey i might toot my own horn, but I'm Mary...who's horn DON'T I toot?!?!!;)

Sweet 27 todaaaaaaaaay and havin a total blast!!! I'm amaZed by how many people LOVE me...there is NO greater present I can get, than knowing I am LOVED!!! I am soooo blessed!!! :) It is ALSO my niece Mary Jo's birtday today, Sis. Betty Cleveland's AND John Morale's!!! If you have a chance make sure to wish them ALL a happy Birthday!!! ALSOOO...
MJ was at the alter praying today for the Holy Ghost!!! This is a HUGE deal, considering that she normally covers her ears a soon as the Holy Ghost is mentioned!!! Today when pastor Abbott was preaching, he said, "Mary Jo, God wants to fill you with the Holy Ghost TODAY on your birthday! AND when he said that I just started sobbing, cause I realized just how much I want that TODAY on OUR BIRTHDAY!!! If you guys only knew where God brought her from...She was trapped in her Eygpt...BUT God has brought her out!!! Please pray for our little girl today!!! She said that she is going to get the Holy Ghost TONIGHT!!!
Thank you everyone for ALL the birthday emails, and text messages!!! I love them all and they are soooooo sweet!! You guys are AWESOME!!! :)