Friday, July 9, 2010


Well I have to say, with turning 27 ON THE 18TH of THIS MONTH, I've been feelin pretty good about it! Considering that in the previous month of June, 3 people guessed me to be 17, one 14, one 16 and someone thought I was still in high school!!! AND I mean, we're talkin people being shocked, NOT BELIEVING me when I tell them MY AGE!!!LOL! Soooooo I am just like OH YEAH!!! I am soooooo young looking, the OLDEST anyone has EVEN guessed me to be is 17, which is STILL ten years younger than what I ACTUALLY am!!! Sooooooo i'm just TOTALLY gloating about it, just been letting it ALL go to my head! WELLLLLLLL...
Sunday morning I get up for church, get ready to start admiring myself in the mirror AND...OMW...I gasped in shock and HORROR at what I saw...I could NOT EVEN BELIEVE IT!!!
There were wrinkles UNDER MY EYES!!! Like crows feet!!! I blinked my eyes AND they were still there!!! I SCRUBBED my face and they were STILL there!!! I'm like NOOOO! I'm NOT EVEN married yet!!! I can't get wrinkles UNTIL I'm at least MARRIED!!! ;) (You can see them in the pic! if you LOOK!) I mean I didn't think I would flip out about something like this...I've had gray hairs since I was 18 and could care less...BUT WRINKLES...
So i'm like TRYING to encourage myself, It's okay Mar Bear,  Your still beautiful EVEN with wrinkles under your eyes...Remember what you learned in Bro. Garrett's class, "TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD!" Oh yeah! i remember this...SOOOOO  I'm like chanting it under my breath... TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD!
So my pep talkin wasn't working too well...BUT I continue doing my hair EVEN with my wrinkles...cause well i figured thats what God would want me to do...LOL! So I get to church and I'm gettin ALL these compliments on my new hair do (EXCEPT FROM MY BROTHERS!) ...So i'm like oh I guess no one is even noticing my wrinkles...
Later on when I am with my family I decide to casually mention it to my brother John. I'm thinkin, OKAAAAAAAAY...I'm NOT gonna make a big deal or ANYTHING...BUT I'll just see what he thinks of them. So i'm like, hey John, I think I'm getting wrinkles under my eyes!!!
Soooooo he comes over, looks for like two seconds and is like...
"Your skin is peeling!"

I'm like HUH?!?!
I have been swimming like EVERYDAY this summer!!! (LIKE DUH!!!)
Of course I went RIGHT BACK to GLOATING about looking young!!! But really, it got me to realizing that its SOOOO true...Physical beauty REALLY is temporal!! One of these young, (I say that in a VERY HUMBLE, UNCONCEITED WAY) good looks are gonna leave me and ALL thats gonna matter then is what I got on the inside!!! True beauty REALLY DOES, come from God!"
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:
 but a woman that feareth the LORD,
she shall be praised.
(Proverbs 31:30)