Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fake Cupcakes!!!

It was sooooooo funny the other day at Jac's party. Monsi comes in, walks over to the cupcakes sitting on display at our table. She looks at them, kinda squeals and is like, Ooooo these are FAKE right? And as she says it, her finger just pops RIGHT into the cupcake? She is like, "OH, THEY ARE REAL!!!!" We were all laughing SOOOOOOOO hard!!! I was like...MONSI!!! She is like weeeellllllll they COULD of been fake...they have those fake ones...I'm like yeah BUT its a birthday party!!! Heaven FORBID, we might have REAL cupcakes at a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! LOL Its okaaaaaay Monsi...I have my share of blond moments too girl!!! I shoulda told you MY Disneyland haunted house story!!! Read (HERE)

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