Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago and as I was walking out the door, right before the door was about to slam shut, I noticed from the corner of my eye  a lady behind me with a stroller, struggling to get out the door...So I stopped to hold the door for her. She seemed kinda surprised, but I just thought it was a common courtesy to do that, especially since she had a baby stroller. Still, in my mind I thought, I really NEED to be MORE careful and try and remember to do this, cause I really did almost let the door just slam in her face.
The next day, I was running errands with my mom and brother. We stopped at an office building and my mom was havin me run in a paper to the secratary. As I was walkin from the parking lot, this tall, broad shouldered man comes speed walking over, hustling his way in front of me. He gets to the door before by like a couple feet, without thinking about it, I just automatically expected him to hold the door for me...much to my dismay, he just walked right on in and let the door SLAM IN MY FACE!!! I was like...OH WOW!!! Is it my imagination or did this dude just like TOTALLY let the door slam in my face?! So I turned in the paper and went back to the van.
When I got in my mom was like...THAT man was like soooooooo rude!!! He just let the door slam right in your face!!! I was like, Oh did you guys see that?! My brother was like, YES!!! We watched the whole thing!!! I'm like yeah, whatever happened to good old COMMON COURTESY!?!?! My brother and sister work at a High School with special need students and they said you wouldn't believe how many highschoolers don't even bother to take the time to hold the door for them when they are pushing someone in a wheelchair.
Ever since then I have been more determined that ever to HOLD THE DOOR for people!!! I realized that if it made that much of an impact on me when he didn't, then it must be the same for other people. We as Christians need to take the ten seconds, to stop and BE POLITE!!! What kind of a witness are we being if we can't even hold the door for someone?!  AND I know that sometimes us girls just think that this ONLY applys to guys to girls...but HEEEY, I think we ALL NEED TO BE POLITE!!! I know that sometimes people don't care and sometimes people don't want to be thought of as helpless...but STILL...I would rather be thought of as OVER POLITE, then rude!!! EVEN if the person walking up behind you isn't what you consider to be the HOTTEST person in the world...JUST HOLD THE DOOR!!!!
...Be ye kind one to another...
(Ephesians 4:32)