Friday, August 6, 2010

The ANGEL!!!

The other day my neice was going through my photo albums. She pulls out this one photo and is looking at it, then she says to me, WHO ARE ALL THESE KIDS?!?! Soooo I look at it and just BUST up laughing!!! This picture was from WAAAAAAAY back in the day!!! The Abbott's must have been out of town and my mom was watching all their kids and it was all of us sleeping at night. It was me, my sister Theresa and the Abbott's oldest daughter Devi in the big bed, Joe in his bed and Dustin, Davy and Danny on the floor on the other side of the room... ( We lived in a VERY small house and all five of us Ginty kids shared a room...till we moved to Phoenix when I was 14) ...and this all was soooo long ago Denae and my two youngest brothers weren't even born yet! I pointed to MJ the boy in the middle on the floor and said to her, GUESS WHO THAT IS? She just kind of shrugs..So I tell her...Thats our PASTOR now! Her mouth just kind of drops and her eyes get all bugged...just shocked to see PASTOR lookin like a little boy.
Sooooooo I was tellin my sister and she was laughing and she says, do you remember the time, the Abbott kids were over and we ALL got in BIG trouble?! So i'm like NOOO! So she says that ALL of us kids Me, Theresa, Joe, Dustin, Devi and Danny all got in BIG trouble. Apparently, we had all snuck into the pantry together and were eating chocolate together...EXCEPT PASTOR!!! (Davy)

Pastor was EXEMPT from these naughty actions. He had stayed in our room and was playing with the Tinker Toys! (Awwwww) After hearing this story, I have to say, I was REALLY touched to the very core of my being!!! *Wipes a tear! (HAHAHAHA!) WOW!! Even at such a young, early age, PASTOR was BUSY BEING an example to all of us children of how we should be acting.

SET the three hebrew children...Like Daniel in the lions den... Like David and Goliath... like Rahab in the city of Jericho... like the burning bush THAT REFUSED TO BURN!!! THE ANGEL amongst us heathens!!!

He ALWAYS did have a halo above his head!!! :)


(Just makin sure you use that Rogaine I gotcha!;)

My pastor IS AWESOME!!! :)

P.S. He probabley doesn't even like chocolate!