Saturday, August 7, 2010

Award winning blog...

For my birthday, my bestest friend Jac surprised me with a really, really, REALLY cooool gift!!! She presented me with the "BLOG OF THE CENTURY AWARD"!


I really had NO idea that my blog would turn out to be the way it defanatley has been a total "God Thing!" When I started out blogging I was trying to be all serious and professional. So I started off  ALL professional on Mary Frances Writing blog and ALL the funny stuff on Classic Mary  Moments. Of course that wasn't working...the two kept colliding together to become what you all read today. From cRaZy events in my life, to the praise in my heart, to the fun devotionals...there ALL ME!!!

So how did Classic Mary Moments EVEN get started?!?! WELL would you be surprised if I told you all that this blog got started ALL BECAUSE OF A CRUSH I HAD ON SOME CUTE GUY?!?! LOL You shouldn't be, cause that is EXACTLEY what happened!!! See there was this guy that had a really cool blog and I thought maybe if I left him comments, he would read the stuff on MY BLOG!!! I don't think HE EVER DID!!! (I'm sure we would be married if he had!;) BUT aparently, YOU ALL DID!!! YAAAAY!!! (Now don't you all be trying to figure out who the guy was. I don't think he even blogs anymore and is probabley married with kids!!! ;) Sooooooo once again...Just GOTTA say, "Thank God for CUTE GUYS!" ...  Cuz Classic Mary Moments would NOT be in existence WITHOUT THEM!!! ;) ;) ;)

NOW I want to give a special thanks to Jac for doing this award for me! Your awesome and you TOTALLY rock my ferris wheel boat! I also WANNA say thanks to all the people that had Jac put there name on my award. I was especially thrilled and HONORED to see my pastor and his wife's names AND also my Sr. Pastor, BISHOP ABBOTT, the NOW traveling evangelist that prayed me through to the Holy Ghost when I was six. I honestly can say that I am a writer BECAUSE of Bishop Abbott and his wife. I probabley wouldn't have pursued it BUT ...They reconized my talent and immediatley jumped on it. They encouraged, pushed me, promoted me, edited my work and always read my stories and they just plain and simple, BELIEVED IN ME!!!

 AnywayZ...My award was also signed by many MORE people! Check this  out...

I had to blurr out the names because some people didn't want there names seen on the internet... BUT OVER 60 people...WOW!!! Like OMW WOW!!! Also, JAC WANTS ME to tell you all that IF you would like your name to be added onto the award, to let her know and she will add your name on in. AND when thats done with I'll be hanging the award in my class room at church for all the world (mainly my kids lol) to SEE!!! So once again Jac says if you want your name added to the award that will be hung in my class room at church, leave a comment OR email her at

 REPEAT...I just want to say THANK YOU to all my faithful readers! You guys all seriousley ROCK my world! Someone once told me that they don't care if people look at their blog. They don't blog for people, they blog for themselves. WELL, that is fine for them, BUT I blog FOR PEOPLE!!! I love knowing that I made someone laugh or smile. It brightens my day to know that I brightened someone else's. When someone tells me that I helped encourage them, it in turn encourages me. Soooo yeah, I blog for the people...PLUS...I kinda sorta like...REALLY enjoy the attention too... (but HEEEEEEY...who doesn't?!!? Don't EVEN deny SOOOO know its true!!! :)
So the truth is that I blog for ME & I blog for YOU 
&& I blog for THE LORD!!! :) 

Mary :)