Friday, August 13, 2010


I just want to give all my blog readers a HUGE sorry!!!! I am soooooo sorry I haven't posted anything on here in the past two days! Our desk top is currenlty UNDER THE WEATHER and HE refuses to let my accsess basically EVERYTHING!!!! Ugh!!! I am soooooooooo hoping that my good, awesome, WONDERFUL friend Micheal Nickels will be able to fix it for me again! PLEASE!!! (I LOVE YOU MIKE! LOL! :)

AnywayZ, in the mean time your probabley wondering what I am on right now?!?!? Big sis's lap top!!! She is SOOOOOOOOOO incredibley awesome like that!!! Totally said that I could use it for this stuff...which is SUCH a relief BECAUSE when your a writer, life without a computer is like breathing with only one lung (Not really sure if that is even possible! LOL!) Ya kinda need one to breath right and ya kinda need a computer to write...well I guess you can use pen an paper but yeah...I can't even read my own hand writing sooooooooooo!!! LOLOLOL!

Anyways, wonderful, awesome blog readers whom I appreciate very much, I just want you all to know that I DID have a blog post written for you all last night. Stayed up till 2 am on my sister's here lap top writing it for you all and GUESS what happened?!?!/ My big O clumsy hands accidentally deleted it!!! UGH!!!! WHY did God have to give me the biggerst hands in the WHOLE ENTIRE girl world?!?!? SERIOUSLEY?!?!? LOL (The only guy that has bigger hands then me is my brother John... but he says even though my hands are big, they aren't guy hands, so I guess thats good...I have very femenine GIANT hands!!! YAAAAY ME! HA!)

ANYWAYZ, I was kinda sorta like REALLY frustrated last night or 2 am this morning! I cried and moaned and seriousley thought about just taking this whole lap top and throwing it across the room and smashing it to a million peices.... (Obviousley I didn't) ...the Holy Ghost in me stopped me...well that and the thought of what my sister would do to me if I had...HAHAHAHAHA!!! I for SURE wOULD not be typing this right now!!! (Next time I don't post something for several days, ya all should seriousley consider the fact that I may have stopped breathing!!! LOL! J/K!)

ANYWAYZ, since my sister is letting me use this, I will rewrite the post for you all!!! Nope! I didn't forget it!!! How could I?! It's practically bubbling and bursting out of if I could FORGET IT!!! And it will probabley be even better this time since its the second time around AND it won't be 2 am and all!!! Sooooooo look forward to that post coming soon and in the mean time PLEASE keep our desk top in your prayers!!! O desk top, how I do LOVE THEE!!! SOB!!!!!

♥Mary :)

P.s. Have you all noticed that I started like every paragraph in this post with AnyWayZ?!?! I'm pretty sure thats a big NO, NO, in English 101..but oh well! This is Classic Mary Moments, NOT English 101!!! ;)