Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mental Exams!!! ;)

Okaaaaaaaay so this totally isn't the post that I had planned on posting, who knows when i'll post that one, you'll never know it was the post I deleted when I actually post it!!! LOL BUT today something happened that I just HAVE to blog about!!!

My sister and I were on our way the doctor's today for a physical, emotional and MENTAL examination that has to be done every three years my sister's foster care license. (I have to have it done to because I live in the same house as her) So the whole exam is basically just to get a doctor's aproval that we're safe people and we're not gonna harm the kids. HAHAHA! Sooooo we're on our way over and I and go to reach into my purse for some lotion. (Dark kiss! The newest from bath and body works and smells soooooo INCREDIBLE) Soooo I reach into my purse for the lotion and I can't find it admidst ALL the junk soooo I look in it and am SHOCKED at what I see inside my purse....A KITCHEN KNIFE!!! AND I am NOT talking about a butter was like, a STEAK knife!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! What in the world?!?!

My sister is like WHY DO YOU HAVE A STEAK KNIFE IN YOUR PURSE?!?!? I'm like I don't know!!! I mean SERIOUSLEY i have like NO IDEA!!!And then I'm like Oh yeah I remember, the knife is in my purse from class on Wednesday night!!! HAHAHA!!! We have REALLY interesting kids classes at our church! J/k! J/K! Before you draw ANY conclusions let me explain!!! I didn't use it on or comfiscate it from any of my students...I was teaching about prayer and we made a prayer sandwich (Which they loved although I really think the ONLY thing they got from the lesson was that they got a free sandwhich and one of the Muslim girls was VERY excited about eatin some PORK! LOL!) and I used it to cut open the bread, then when we were done I was in a rush and I GUESS I just dropped it in my purse to take back home! LOL! My sister is like OKAAAAAAAY well you should probabley take it OUT OF YOUR PURSE before your EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL exam!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

 HAHAHAHAHA!!! My sis was worried about me HA!!! MEANWHILE HER DAUGHTER....  while my sis was gettin her exam done they were askin her all these questions and right before the nures is about to walk out she asks my sister if she drinks or smokes and so OF COURSE my sister says no. And as the nurse is walking out the door BUT before the door actually shuts, Mary Jo, WITH HER TOTAL MJ ATTITUDE is like, "YES YOU DO MOM!!!!" My sis is like, What?!? NO, I don't! She is like, Yes you do mom! I see you DRINKING ALL THE TIME... my sis is like WHAT????! She is like, yeah from cups and stuff!" Of course by this time the nurse can't hear the rest of this convo!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

AnwayZ, despite my carrying steak knives in my purse and my sister's habit of DRINKING ALL THE TIME...we passed our exams for another three years!!! Which is good cause it means Miss Attitude gets to stay and all...hahahahaha!!!