Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks God! :)

I just got done a little while ago, giving my sister a back massage. I'm very good at giving back massages and she thouroughly enjoyed getting this one...ESPECIALLLY...LOL See I started giving back massages just starting this past year. Never really thought to even give someone before...BUT I lost my job in January AND I don't remember what it was BUT I needed money for something so my sis said she would pay me for a massage. AND since my sis liked mine soooo much, the word started spreading and yeah next thing I know i'm the massage QUEEN at church (Amongst the woman ONLY! LOL!;)

So one of the people imparticular that has REALLY loved recieving my back massages is senior Sis. Abbott. Sooooooo this one time I'm giving her a back massage and she is just like, WOW! Mary! You are sooo good! If I was at home right now I would be asleep!!! Its just incredible how your hands practically fill my whole back...(BIG HANDS!!! HA!) and she is just really expounding to me about how wonderful my massages...which is just like TOTALLY the best way to get me to keep goin with the massage ...COMPLIMENTS...AHAHA!!! Soooooo she is just going on and on and I'm like thinkin, oh yeah, keep talkin, keep talking, and then she just ends it by sayin,  "Mary you've got a gift!!! This is a gift FROM God!" Soooooo i'm just like thinkin okaaaaaay cool! I mean, i don't really see how its a gift FOR ME, since i'm the one GIVING them, but whatever, its all good, anything for my pastor's wife! (Both!;)

However, it wasn't until this morning, that MY GIFT, really became beneficial to myself as well. I don't know why, but for SOME reason, I rolled out of bed earlier than everyone else in this household. Not wanting to wake anyone before school, I quietly moved into the kitchen, half asleep and got the coffee brewing. THEN I waslked into the bathroom to wash my face, my eyes half shut, when ALL OF THE SUDDEN MY HEART LEAPED AND MY EYES FLEW OPEN!!!!! In the corner of the bathroom, there was a....wait, pause for some weird CREEPY music, dunt-dunt-DUH... A COCKROACH!!!!!!!! OMW!!! Have I EVER told you guys just how much i HATE and despise COCKROACHES?!?!?! THey are SOOO NASTY, creepy , GROSS and just plain EVIL!!! SERIOUSLEY!! Ewwwwwww!!!

Soooooo I run out of the bathroom and just HOPE that it will crawl away and hide and I won't have to see it anymore!!! See I have this deal with the roaches, if they will just run away from me, I will just turn my head and just NOT look at them!!!  BUT as I thought about it I was like WAIT...I think its dead!!! Sooooo, I tiptoe quietly, back into the bathroom, peek around the corner and SHO NUFF its still there, SAME spot!!! I get a little closer and YUP! Its DEAD!! Now you would THINK I would be happy about this but i'm ACTUALLY REALLY NOT!!!

SEE I have the deal with roaches...HOWEVER, my sister on the other hand, DOES NOT HAVE THIS SAME DEAL WITH THEM!!!! She will like chase them around the house and scout them around the house, spraying them  with a can of lysol and USUALLY me screaming and saying, "Get the Aussie Freeze Hair Spray!!! GET THE AUSSIE FREEZE HAIR SPRAY!!! (Cuz not only does it freeze your hair in place it freezes cock roaches in place!!! SERIOUSLEY GIRLS!!! TRY IT!!!) AND like my sis will HUNT that troach DOWN until it is dead AND then she says that since SHE killed it, MY JOB is to CLEAN IT UP!!! Which I TOTALLY do NOT THINK IS FAIR cuz I would just let the nasty thing go... BUT... she says that we BOTH live here...I NEED to do MY PART... and that HOW CAN I LET IT JUST LIVE ON?!! What if it goes in our pantry? Gets in the food? Or on our clothes? OR IN OUR BED?!?!?! Ewwww!!!

Sooooo I LOOK at this DEAD cock roach and I KNOW!!! She left it there last night for ME TO CLEAN UP!!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!! Vaguely, I remember the night before, as I was drifting off to sleep, my sis yellin for MJ to get the FREEZE and me in my sleep reaching over to my vanity next to my bed and handing MJ the Aussie FreezE Hair Spray!!! *Sigh!!! I look down at the NAST LITTLE THING and see that its anntenae's are PLASTERED TO THE GROUND!!! Held in place by the Aussie FREEZE!!! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I'm just like OMW!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?! There is NO waaaaay I could tell my big sis NO and just flat out refuse to do it!!! I OBEY!!!! LOL!!! BUT... How in the world am I gonna clean this stupid thing up?! Even if I bunched up like a TON of paper towels, I was still gonna have to like kinda push and pull the thing up!!! Ewwwwwww!!!!

Sooooooo I sat down in the living room with some coffee and began to think...What could I do?! My sis walks in, kinda smirks and says, "Did you see your little friend?" I was like, YES!!! She is like, "Have FUN CLEANING THAT UP!!!" 

 I was kinda just silent ...AND....THEN... THEN... I...THOUGHT...OF...SOMETHING!!! I said,
"Or YOU could clean it up AND...
I'll pay you back with...

She just kinda looks at me and then says, "Ill THINK ABOUT IT!!!" but a few minutes later, SHE WAS CLEANING IT UP!!!!! I was like OH THANK YOU JESUS!!! And i'm like, Sooooo you decided to clean it up?!?! She is like, "Yeah, it was kinda a little stuck BUT, it was worth it for THAT back massage!!! (SEE I'm REALLY GOOD!!!)

Soooooo I just got done a little while ago, giving her that massage, and as I was ending, Bishop Abbott's Wife's word's came back to me..."This is a gift from God!" I squeeze my sister's shoulder's and think about NOT having to clean up the roach..."YES Sis. Abbott, truley this massage thing is INDEED A GIFT from God!!!"
Thanks Lord!!! :)