Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two things I GOTTA say...

FIRST: I wanna inroduce you all to a new blog for ladies...

Crimson Strings is a sight designed for Apostolic Fashion. Kendra Thaler, the blog host combines style with modest and humor. She straightforward, honest REAL and backs her words up with scripture!!! Fashion Tip! Listen Up! Is my favorite post EVER!!! Totally hits HOME for MANY OF US!!! Kendra designs clothes and is very good at what she does. I ADORE this sight! It is soooooo babelicious!!! This is what I just ABSOULUTLEY HAD to say to Kendra about her blog--> I soooooooo LUV the fact that this is a fashion blog where EVERYTHING is actually modest for a girl in the Apostolic faith and NOT just generalized to make everyone happy! Keep it up girl and DON'T back down...your making me and THE LORD PROUD!!! :) :)
Visit Kendra's sight HERE!!!
Sooooo I wrote this story a while ago called TEARS that is posted on my blog! Out of all the things I have ever written, this story is probabley my favorite. I don't know why or how to explain it, but its sooooo dear to me. I guess its literally like I put my heart on paper. Well I've really been wanting to do something with the story, like get it published or something. (MONEY would be NICE! Hee, hee!;) My main thing is that I think it really reaches to anyone that has ever had a loved one slip away from God...I just really want it to help someone!!! AnywayZ, I've had a lot of editing done on it, cause I wanted it to be like PERFECT and stuff. Well I am talking this writing course and my instructor was a professional magazine editor for ten years and he REALLY liked it! He only made a few minor fix ups and told me it was really good! Soooooooo my question for you all is CAN you think of a magazine that it would fit in? It's not your typical inspiration aI just don't think its Guidepost material. If you have never read TEARS you can read it HERE! Let me know...
Thats all folks!!!
Mar Bear :)