Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesturday, my brother went to Oncologist for his routine check up and the doctor said that he was officially considered CURED of cancer. I was soooo happy when I heard this! I can't believe its been FIVE years now that he has been in remission!!! He ONLY had a 40% chance of surving with chemo and if that didn't work he had a 10% chance of surviving with a bone marrow transplant....BUT here we are TODAY!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! God is sooooooooooo GOOOOOD!!!

For so long before John was even diagnosed he was VERY SICK! I remember on his 16 birthday, he was getting this beat up pick up truck he wanted and we played the song, Something Woman like about a Pickup man or maybe its just called "Pickup Man"...LOLOL... I ♥ that song!!! BUT he was soooooo sick he couldn't even go out and drive it!  :( BUT he still managed to tell us that if he wasn't plannin on it BUT if he did die, that he didn't want a casket, he just wanted to be sitting at the wheel of his pick up in the drivers seat and buried like that...I was like OKAAAAAAAY seriousley?!?! Guys are sooo WEIRD! LOL

I remember when I first realized that my little brother might die. My heart felt soooo crushed. I remember just being at work and sobbing. I couldn't imagine life without one of my siblings. But you can't cry forever and so you just find the things to laugh at!

I think we really managed to have some "Good times" in the hospital, despite the circumstances. I guess i'll do some pretty STUPID things just to make people LAUGH! Like, dancing in the hospital room @ 2 am...HAHAHAHA!!! Ask my bro about that!!! Sometimes my brother would wanna switch beds with me cause he was bored with his hospital bed and felt like sleepin on the cot and the nurses would come in  just lookin, like they didn't like it BUT they weren't gonna argue with the patient! AND then a new nurse would come in and she would be ALL confused about who the actual patient was!!! HAHA! AND it would get CROWDED in that hospital room!!! HAHAHA! Imagine ALL the Ginty's, Bishop Abbott, the youth got cRaZy!!! LOL

And when John's hair started falling out. Our big brother buzzed his whole head and I remember NO one was upset about it Including John, EXCEPT for my mom, she was crying!!! We're like uh mom, its NOT that big of a deal...HE IS A GUY!!! HAHAHA!

Oh and I believe it was in the hospital that I FINALLY told my little brother the WONDERFUL thing I used to do for him as a child. Okaaaaaay so my mom has this thing that the little kids couldn't have any sort of tortilla chip cause they would "CHOKE" on it!!! Lil John would say to me, "Mammy, I want some, peeze!!! Soooooo being the OH so luvin and kind big sis that I was I would get the chips, chew them up, then give them to him AND he LOVED me for it!!! "I wuv you Mammy!" He didn't seem to think it was quite soooo nice of me at 16! "He was like, I CAN NOT believe you did that to me!!!" I was like okaaaaaaaay you know what, I COULD HAVE EATEN those chips, BUT no, I SACRIFICED them for my lil brother!!! He was like, "Yeah and I bet you sucked ALL the flavor out of them before you gave them to me too!!!" HAHAHAHA! I soooooooooo DID!!! I'm SUCH a good big sister!!! :)))

Then this past April, John started feeling continually sick again! We were all soooo worried that it was the cancer again. I was ready to start packing my stuff to start spending the nights with him in th hospital again...Thankfully it was ONLY Mono!!! You thank God for things like MONO when it coulda easily been CANCER!!!

I think my little brother is SOOOO brave! The other day I was sayin something about how everyone better be puttin on sunblock so they don't get skin cancer and John just looks at me and says, "I'm not exactley worried about something like cancer!" I was like, awwwwwwwww! (But I only said the awwwwww in my heart cause he woulda said I was dumb if I had said it out loud!!! HAHA!)

But here we are FIVE years since remission, and we're all STILL fact the Ginty's have NOT declined but are INCREASING quite rapidly! HAHAHA!!! Sooooo much has happened but what more can you say then, God is GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Read John's story HERE I think its time to do an UPDATE on this story!!!