Friday, September 3, 2010

The new Frys off of Tatum and Shea, havin FREE cooking classes thru the 7th of September. quick breakfasts for moms 9 am- 10am, cupcakes from 12-1, Apetizers from 3-5 AND basket arranging 6-7pm If anyone wants to go let me know and we can go together! I am plannin on going to ALL of them SOOOO i am totally DOWN with going 2x or MORE! LOL!!
ALSO, my mom, my sis and I have already signed up for a REALLY cool class they are teaching in November on canoli and ravioli making! ABSOLUTLEY SIKED about this!!! Its 35 dollars for this class, which is pretty decent for a cooking class!!! Cool if we could get as many people as possible to take it with us!!!

Oooo AND I was thinking...GIRLS that we should do this tomorrow...Like our own lil ladies retreat...HINT, HINT...LPC ladies!!! ;) ;) ;)

JANELLE, I know your gonna be on here, CALL ME ON YOUR LUNCH!!! LOLOL!!!

P.S. I guess the guys can come to if they want...Since some of the best cooks I know are men!!! Grandpa Mangino, John, Bro. Steve AND I think the teacher of this class is a MAN!!! LOL