Thursday, September 23, 2010



So I had the most awesomest math teacher ever in college. Her name was Mrs. Weintraub and to me she reminded me of Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School bus series. And like Mrs. Frizzle makes science come alive, Mrs. Weintraub could make math come alive! Plus she was was FUNNY too! She had this kinda of reddish brownish hair that was just WILD and she wore the funkiest outfits, but not like she was tryin to be a kid or something, just cool and like I don't think she EVER repeated outfits. But she made math come alive for me and know I didn't fall in live with math BUT she did help me to understand it. She is THE ONLY teacher that has EVER been able to teach me how to add fractions! Seriousley, I started learning those in 5th grade but couldn't get them till HER!!! I was in her class for three semesters...yeah it was the SAME class...It took me awhile...but I remember this one time she was teaching and she would be like SEE math can be fun and some of the kids were like all ENTHUSIASTIC like YES IT IS!!! I was all like, Oh YES, its sooooo FUN! For a moment here I thought we were at Disney Land or something!!! HAHA! She was like OH MARY! But really, she is THE BEST math teacher I EVER HAD!!! (Aside from when Devi Abbott used to tutor me) If you HATE math you should TAKE her class @ PVCC!!! Elaine Weintraub is AWESOME!!!