Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Size two?!

So I'm in line at Sprouts the other day and my cashier is like, "I LOVE YOUR purse!" (Its the big bag with a HUGE flower on the front.) So i'm like Oh Thanks!" So then she just starts talkin to me about how she just loves BIG purses because they make her look smaller! And i'm thinkin in my head like, okaaaaaaay SISTA, they ain't NO purse "Big ENOUGH" to make you OR I look smaller!!! HAHA! But she keeps talkin to me, like we just have this automotic bond, cause we're both big girls... So she is tellin me, "I haven't been a size two since HIGHSCHOOL!" I'm like,  "A size two??? Uh yeah,  that was like SECOND grade for ME!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!!