Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a break!!!

At this point in time in my life, Classic Mary Moments, has decided to take a BREAK! I am currently behind on quite a few things in my life, such as writing assignments AND my BIBLE reading, I don't think it is right that I put time into this while I am behind on the more important things in my life. This past Sunday my pastor was talking about how if we are spending more time on social networking than in prayer and reading our Bibles, we need to do something about that!!! I was like OOOOOO girl!!! That is sooooooooo totally for YOU!!!! BAM! SLAP! About two weeks ago I did like a 24 hour internet fast and OMW, it's AMAZING just how much Bible reading I got done! Read THE WHOLE book of Samuel in one day! Now here I am 2 weeks later, STILL struggling to get through second Samuel!!! I am DETERMINED to get through my Bible THIS YEAR! I know I am behind BUT I know I can do it still! Cuz I am an AWESOME reader!!! Won all the awards in elementrey school for reading the most books! Read a 200 page book in one day in second grade and bragged to all my peers about it and NONE of them believed me! HA! Don't ask me what 1/3 + 2/3 =? BUT I CAN READ BABY!!! ;)  I have FOUR MONTHS left... I CAN DO IT!!!! I'm not sure HOW long this break will be... a week, a month,  but DON'T worry girls, September's Apostolic Male Model WILL BE UP!!! HAHA! ;) In the mean time DO NOT FORGET ABOUT CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS and be sure to look for my writing assignments on MARY FRANCES WRITING (Maryfranceswriting.blogspot.com)

Hugs & slaps!
♥ Mar Bear

This is NOT good bye!!! It's just a cya later!

(This is including pretty much EVERYTHING on the internet unless I need to use it for research, LIKE omw how could I write without blueletterbible.org?!?!!?

You say♥ How do I know that YOU love me?
I say♥ because, EVERYONE ♥loves♥ me!!! ;)