Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas present dream...

Soooo I was talkin with my sis the other day and she was like asking me what I want for Christmas, and I was like, oh nothing really and she asked me if I wanted something and I was like oh no, I don't really care what I get for Christmas, hair accessories or whatever, there is nothing that I really NEED!

But in my head I was thinkin, YOU know the ONE thing that I would, really, REALLY love to have is my own computer in MY ROOM for my writing! That would just be soooo AWESOME!!! Because, first of all, I kind of hog this one and second of all its like REALLY hard for me to concentrate when people are home and anywhere around me...I know this is gonna come as a SHOCK to you all BUT I am REALLY, really, REALLY easily distracted!!! I mean like, I can't even listen to music while I write, because the next thing I know, I am singing at the top of my lungs, swaying to the music and before I even know it, I'm up dancing...LOL...FOR REALS! :) So yeah, I have to have TOTAL silence and I figure a computer in my room...WITHOUT the internet...bahaha...would be GREAT for me!!!

But I'm like, well there is just NO WAY I am going to ask my family for something like that...but WHATEVER...I'm not gonna worry about it! My MAIN concern is ACTUALLY having the money to get all of my family members decent presents from ME!!!

Well this past Saturday, my sister and I met up with the ladies from our church to go to some community yard sales in a kind of ritzy part of town. So my sister and I were basically having a grand time at these yard sales, finding all kinds of deals and stuff after a couple of hours, the other ladies from our church decided to get a bite to eat and then hit the consignment shops, BUT me and my sis decided to keep going to yard sales.

 So as we are driving back around with no clue as to where we are sis was like oh we haven't been over before have we? so I was like uh I don't think so...then my sis is like, OH no we HAVE this is like the first house that we went too, that were selling beanie babies 5 for a $1.00, I'm like OOOO yeah. Sooo i'm like oh yeah, and for some reason my sis decides to stop, then she sees these kids camping chairs that only 1.00 and i'm just sittin in the car and the people were like, we're gettin ready to close up just name a price if  you want something. So I get out and am lookin at some Pampered Chef thing and then we're about to get back in the car and my sis is like, OH, how much is your computer? They are like, $50.00...I'm like...whoa, whoa, whoa....oh there must be something wrong with it!!!

BUT no!!! The man had it all plugged in and everything so people could try it had all the Microsoft office tools on it AND Microsoft Word which was MY MAIN CONCERN!!! I'm just standing there like, with my mouth like half open I havn't even stated that I want it yet and my sis is just like, well I don't need it but thats a good deal on a computer she is like, I'm not sure I have enough money between the two of us...i'm like ummmm...OH YEAH...I have MORE MONEY in the van so i like run...and like this other lady is coming over like, oh WOW thats a good deal...and i'm just like HANDING OVER the money and My sis is like, I didn't even know you had the money, i'm like OH YEAH! LOL

So he carries the computer to our van and I'm just sitting there holding the screen in my lap and Im just like, seriousley in AWWW that I got my own computer and my sis is just like, okaaaaay THAT was God!!! I think HE really wanted you to have that for your writing!!! I'm like I KNOW!!!! I cant believe it! COMPUTERS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! $399.00 was the cheapest Dell I could find online and PLUS you have to buy all those Microsoft programs seperately!!!! I had a FEW technical difficulties putting it together that night...just cuz i'm NOT exactley computer savvy and I could NOT figure out what wires went WHERE so it wasn't starting at first and I was like...WHAT??? OMW!!! NOOOOOOOO! Its gotta work!!! I KNOW this was a blessing for God!!! AND it was, I just had to figure it all out!!! HAHAHA! So yup, on the floor in my room is my computer...I need something to put it on now...LOL!
It was just SOOOOO cRaZy!!! I mean it was THE FIRST yard sale we went to and then without even trying, while drivin aimlessly, we ended up back there, BUT it wasn't really aimlessly, because GOD was directing us!!! AND to think that ALL day long NO ONE else bought it!!! God must have blinded everyone else's!!! AND I hadn't even prayed about it that I can even remember, just kind thought about it...BUT God was looking out for me!!! It's like God just had it sitting there waiting for He was saving it JUST FOR ME!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!
Plus, I've been really trying to figure out what God wants me to do next in my life. There are sooo many things that I would like to do, but what does GOD want me to do? Even just the other day, I was praying, "God what's next? What do  you want me to do NEXT in my life?" and I was laying out all the different options and possibilities and when I got that computer, it just kinda seemed like God was telling me...WRITE...JUST WRITE!!! I mean, I guess it should be pretty obvious to me, that, that is what God would want me to do since HE gave me the skills, BUT i'm kinda an airhead, and I kinda NEED the affirmation and God sure does have a way of doing that!!!
All day long I just kept saying, Jesus, you blessed me! Jesus you blessed me! LIKE WOW!!!!
Kinda just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that God looks out for me like that!
Soooooooo I got my Christmas present ALREADY!!!
THANK you Jesus!!!
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,
saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil,
to give you an expected end.
(Jeremiah 29:11)