Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank God for an EXTRA shot!

You know how Starbucks coffee is basically just the awesomest thing EVER known?!?! But think about an EXTRA shot of Starbucks coffee...its like, as if Starbucks isn't totally rockin awesome ALREADY... sometimes you just GOTTA enjoy that extra shot, that just makes an already good thing EVEN BETTER!!!
WELL...sometimes in life we just get that extra shot of joy. It's like we weren't aking for it, BUT it came anyways and THATS what has happened to me in life! I already had an AWESOME life, full of happiness AND joy, BUT one year ago TODAY, God added to my life an EXTRA SHOT OF JOY!!!

On October 4th, 2009, my nephew, Joseph Caleb Ginty was born!!!
(AKA Jose!!!)
Jose, I just want you to know that you have added SOOOO MUCH joy into my life! I remember we got a call in the middle of the night that  your parent's were going to the hospital. I remember sitting in the waiting room at the hospital in Scottsdale, waiting AND waiting AND WAITING for you to be born...AND when you FINALLY were, I HAD to make sure I brushed my hair for you before I came to see you for the first time. (I wanted to make a GOOD first impression!;)

You were sooo helpless and little Jose!!! OMW baby you were soooo little!!!!
BUT OVER the past year...THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!!!

You are crawling ALL over the place and you seem to get into EVERYTHING!!! LOL! You are VERY active and you have soooooo much personality! It is VERY easy to see that you are a VERY smart little boy!!! You are VERY active and it seems like your ULTIMATE goal at church is to some how get to the stairs to climb them!!! Its sooo cool to see that in someways you are sooo much like your how you raise your eyebrows to show your expressions---thats JUST LIKE YOUR MOM!!! BUT then you do this thing when you concentrate where you stick out your tongue and THAT is JUST like your dad, which HE GOT from his Grandpa Mangino!!! 

I'm sorry Jose, about the whole, screaming in  your ear when you bit my lip, but I couldn't help it!!! That hurt SOOOOO bad!!! And I was kinda like NOT expecting it!!! I mean here we are like TOTALLY kissing AND the next thing I know you are BITING ME!!! Sooo NOT cool baby!!!! LOL Now, ever since I screamed in PAIN you have REFUSED to give me kisses...SAD!!! Can't wait till you STOP turning your head away!!! HAHAHA! Lets see, what else do you do??? LOVE dancing!!! As sOOn as music comes on you start dancing...hmmmm... I WONDER where you got THAT from!?!?! ;)

Basically Jose, you are THE CUTEST little boy in the whole world!!! AND I am NOT just saying that, everyone agrees with me!!! Sometimes when we are at the store people just stop and stare at you! EVERYONE says that your the CUTEST baby EVER!!! Just don't let it get to your head Gwappo!!! GOTTA make sure you stay as humble as your Auntie Maria!!! ;) ;) ;)

Yup, an extra shot of PURE JOY!!!
Thats what you are to me Jose!!!

your Auntie Maria
(AKA Maganda ;)