Sunday, October 31, 2010

October's Apostolic Male Model!!!

HERE it is girls!!!!! What you all have been WAITING FOR!!!
Now girls, I know that all of the male models are pretty cool guys...BUT this guy is by FAR the coolest of them ALL!!! You know why???? Because this guy is NOT your ordinary Joe, NOOOO WAAAAY!! This is guy is what we call...

JOE COOL!!!!! is a complete delight for me to introduce you all to the one and only...
Joe Valez resides in the interesting town of Roswell, New Mexico, where he faithfully attend's Apostolic Bible Church, Pastored by Bro. Foster. Joe is VERY active in his church and is involved in many different activities. He praise sings, a strong tenor in the choir, helps with the PA, a leader in prayer and worship, attends all youth functions, helps EVERY Sunday with the nursing home ministry and much, much MORE!!! Basically, Joe will help whenever and wherever he is needed. Joe is always ready to help! In FACT he is the kind of guy that looks for ways to help WITHOUT even being asked!!! NOW...girls...THAT is really SOMETHING worth shoutin over!!! ;) ;)

Joe works at a local public school on the custodial staff. He is highly regarded by his supervisors and it is HOPED that they won't soon lose him to a better job. He also helps out with his church's school, Conqueror's Christian Academy. He has a heart for kids and OF COURSE they all love him right back...but then WHO DOESN'T LOVE Joe???
After all...THIS IS...

Joe graduated from Conqueror's Christian Academy this past May. He is currently a full time college student. Joe is a hard worker and very good with his money. He bought his own car two years ago and paid for it in full with CASH!!!! (Thats right girls, NO DEBT!!! Another thing WORTH shoutin over;)

Joe is not a very loud person. He is a reserved young man, Mr. Nice-Guy all the way, slow to speak, quick to listen, but always ready with a witty punchline at just the right second! Then everyone will burst into laughter and think....
 what a cool guy Joe REALLY is!!!
He can also do some really cool things, like carve the above pumpkin!!! AND he is origianlly an AZ that just makes him EVEN cooler!!! ;)
Now AFTER reading this, I know that ALL your girls out there are going to want YOUR OWN...
 only ONE of you will be blessed!!!

BUT for those of you girls that are left...
CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS is runnina special...sooo get your coffee mug...HEEEY its almost as good as the actual JOE!!! :D

Because EVERYONE loves JOE!!!

BUT beware girl's cuz...

Joe is ALWAYS paying attention...
 even when you think he's not.
Because he is NOT your ordinary Joe!!!
Because he is Joe'Mamma!
Because he is Joe Cool!!!

Because he is Joe'makin the hearts
of Apostolic girls go cRaZy!!!! ;) ;)
P.S. Happy 19th Birthday my friend!!!
FeLiz CuMpLeAnOs a mi amigo!!!
(Yup, totally copy/pasted that Spanish!;)