Monday, November 1, 2010

Just go!!!

We had some AWESOME church tonight!!! Bro. Vic Votaw, missionary to Asia preached at our church tonight and we had an awesome move of God. His presence was sooooo strong as we all prayed and wept at the alter. BUT even cooler than Bro. Votaw being a missionary to Asia, this is the man was the pastor in NYC when our family got into the church. This is the man that prayed my parent's through to the Holy Ghost and the man that baptized them in JESUS NAME!!! He came into our home in NY and taught my parent's the truth. My mom always tells us kids about when she finally recieved revelation of one God, it was like veil was lifted off of her eyes, and when she told Bro. Votaw, she said he was soooo excited, he said, lets tear down all your pictures of the pope and throw them in the street and stomp on them!!! HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!! Bro. Votaw is just CRAZY like that!!!

So tonight when he was preaching, he started out by talking about his ministry and he said that he was from St. Louis Missouri, and that his pastor had always had a burden for NYC and asked for him to go there and start a church and he was a pastor there for 7 years but he has spent the last 18 years as a missionary to Asia. And you know, I was thinking about how he has done all this AMAZING stuff for the kingdom God. He has preached all over the US, China, Taiwan, the Philipines, Vietnam and many more Asian countries. He preaches in underground churches in communism countries. He converted a man on death row in prison to Christ and 3 hours before that man died he baptized him in Jesus name. He prayed the first man in Vietnam to kill and americn soldier through to the Holy Ghost and Baptized him in Jesus name. He has converted trinitartin preachers all over to the Oneness doctrine...

BUT ABOVE all else...I thank God that I TOO am ONE OF THOSE souls he reached out too...he gave 7 years of his life to New York City!!! I thank God that he answered the call!!! It wasn't until his 6th & final year as pastor there, that our family came into church...we were there for 9 months before we came to AZ and then right after that the Votaws left NYC for the mission fields of Asia. And here my family is...24 years later...I THANK God that someone had a burden for NYC!!!

Where would I be if someone hadn't answered the call??? You just NEVER KNOW what God can do!!! You just NEVER know what the outcome of one person you reach out to will be!!! You just NEVER know who is waiting for you to bring them the gospel. You may think that you have been trying for so long, BUT it wasn't until his 6th year of ministry to NY that our family came in. Just keep on keepin on!!! Something great is about to happen. You may think, WHY is God telling me to go there??? JUST GO!!! There might be a Ginty family that is waiting to hear the truth!!!
 Go! Go! Go! GO! GO! GO!!!