Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September's Apostolic Male Model!!!

Okaaaaaaaay girls....It's TIME FOR...
YES, I am VERY much aware of the fact that its WELL into October...
 BUT what can I say???
This guy was VERY much... WORTH THE WAIT!!!
This Apostolic you man has a very unique way of describing himself.
He likes to describe himself as a purse!!!!
 "I am like a Chanel or Luis Vuitton purse,"
 he says,

EVERY girl wants one,
BUT very few ACTUALLY get one."
it is with the utmost SINCERE pride & joy that I present to you all...
Which is none other than the one & only... John Ginty!!!
(Yes ladies, this IS my, almost 22-year-old brother, so havin me for a sister would just be a little added in goody in this deal!!! ;)

John is known to all his friends as the Italian Stallion Chef! He is an absolutely AMAZING cook! (Even better than me..BUT DO NOT TELL HIM I said that!!!;) He can make anything from New York Cheesecake to chicken parmesan. HOWEVER, what he is known & CRAVED for above all else @ his church is his PIZZA! EVERYONE LOVES JOHN'S PIZZA!!!
Aside from cooking, this Italian hunk of manliness is also a mechanic. He started working on cars with his grandpa when he was about 6-years-old. He enjoys remodeling cars and owns  ummm...some car that I can't even think of the name of...OOOOPS... and also and OLD Mustang that he eventually plans to restore.
At church John runs the PA system. He is the young man's Bible class teacher and he preaches with the young men aspiring to be in the ministry on Saturday nights @ prayer meeting. John is known to be the most exuberant kind of person, BUT he is very sincere and FAITHFUL!

OH and girl's HE IS LIKE SOOOO GOOD WITH HIS MONEY!!! LOL! Seriousley, like wow!!! When I need to save money, I do NOT bring it to the bank, I bring it to my lil brother John to hold for me...cuz aside from being a "Purse" he is also MY BANK!!! LOL!

John also enjoys wood working carpentry and any kind of working with his hands. He has done some building, like he just built a wall one day at my mom's and basically he can do anything that he just puts his mind too and DECIDES he wants to do it! He is like the all around Mr. Fix-it kind of guy!!!

IN fact it was using his Mr. Fix-it skills that he did one of the SWEETEST things EVER for me!!! Like seriousley, when I was in Hawaii, my MUCH loved, heart-shaped, trademark, sunglasses fell to the ground and cracked!!! I was like SOOOO sad!!!!

SERIOUSLEY!!! My heart was like totally crushed!!! But when I came back home John super-glued them back together for me!!! It was like sooooo SWEET! And he was like, "I am NOT doing this for you because I LIKE these glasses on you!" AND I was like, "Oh so then is it cuz you love me soooo much?!?!" And he was like, "Well I guess so, cuz I honestly can NOT stand those glasses!!! I was like AWWWWWW!!!! ♥

I mean how special is that??? A guy that fixes stuff for his sister, JUST BECAUSE he knows she loves it!! Now that ladies in MY oppinion, is worth SOOOO much more than any old Chanel or Luis Vuitton purse. Those purses may be expensive, but you can't even put a price tag on my lil brother!!!!
Start kissin up girls!!! START KISSIN UP!!! ;)