Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ladies room outreach!!!

We stopped for a break on the way to Cali last week at the Flying J on border of AZ and I saw all this writing I saw in one of the bathroom stall walls!!! TOTALLY made me laugh!!!

"Try Jesus! Jesus Loves you! God Rocks!!!"
I think there is even a Bible scripture in there somewhere!!!
[Preach! PreeeeeeaaCH!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! ]

A unique way of outreach and evangelism I must say!!! HAHAHA! Can you imagine if someone REALLY did get in church from bathroom wall witnessing?!?!?! So, how did you find truth?! Oh it happened in the Flying J ladies room!!! Thank God for those saints that break the law and grafitti!!! LOLOLOL!!!  Heeeeey maybe I shoulda been more spirtiual minded and added Acts 2:38 on there!!!
Get your witness on!!! ;)