Wednesday, November 17, 2010

West Coast Conference 2010!!!

WOW!!! WCC was soooo awesome!!! I really went to conference this years seeking God for some answers to questions in my life and it felt like each message preach was an answer to my questions. I think my all time FAVORITE message preached was Bro. Joel Booker's...about fishing...oh man that message was sooooo AWESOME!!! I could totally relate...especially about WELL you guys just GOTTA hear it for yourself...BUT i'll try and sum it up...Bro. Booker told this story about how him and some buddies were out deep sea fishing, and how he wasn't really all that into it and he was feelin tired and he was gettin sea sick, and he was TRYING to not to throw up, but when he saw his friend's lunch floating passed him, his lunch joined his friend's in the sea, and oh man he was soooo sick and he JUST WANTED TO GO HOME...LOL...and all of the sudden he got a tug on his line and the crew members on the boat told him that he had a fish and all of the sudden he said he started feeling a little bit better, cuz even though he didn't really like fishing...HE DID LIKE CATCHING THE FISH...

and he said as he began reeling in that fish, he began to get more and more and more excited...and he said that he began to realize it was no ordinary little was a 200 pound, 6ft halibut fish and he said when it was all over and he caught that fish he really didn't care or even remember being just felt awesome to have caught that fish..and then he just related it to how its the SAME way being a fisher of can grow so weary in your spirit, and he talked about the snotty nosed bus kids that break everything and drive everyone OH man I could sooo RELATE!!! I mean i've been peed on and EVERYTHING before!!! HAHA! ANd sometimes the smell...oh LORD HELP ME...BUT man...when you see one of those kids crying at the alter, getting the Holy Ghost...THAT IS LIKE THE AWESOMEST FEELING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! AND Bro. Joel Booker is RIGHT...its ADDICTING!!!! 

Well, that was my FAVORITE message...BUT then when Bro. Morton preached his message it was just like WOWOWOWOW!!! He talked about the message being passed from generation to generation...but he just talked about like EVERYTHING!!! He talked about holiness standards and oh man it was SOOOO  AWESOME!!! I was like man I GOTTA go through my hair accessories again...I gotta return an accessory too!!! I mean after being in the Apostolic Standards class at Bible college last semester, I had gotten rid of all my sparkly, glitterly, look-at-me hair accessories...BUT then RIGHT before WCC I bought this like totally, like sparkly, sequin thing and I was like OKAAAY i'm only gonna wear it ONE TIME...LOL...AND I had really planned that, it was for New Year's Eve in Times Square...I was like...I gotta have some bling-bling! for that!!! HAHAHA!!! But, yeah, i'm gonna return it!!! I'm NOT gonna deny that I'm kinda like really drawn to that stuff... but you know what, I DON'T NEED IT!!! I got the Joy of the Holy Ghost sparkling outta me and thats waaaaay better!!! :)

Anywayz, more than Bro. Morton talking about holiness and doctrinal standard's and LOVING this Apostolic, Penecostal message, he talked about not worrying about when the older generation passes is on. He talked about  how there are still men of God that are going to hold true to this message, that aren't going to try and change the standards and Oh man it was just soooooooo GOOD!!! He summed it all up by just saying over and over again, "Everythings gonna be alright! Everythings gonna be alright!" And you know...I just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needed to hear that!!!

Next I just wanna say THANKS to all the blog readers that came over and said hi to me!!! Some pretty awesome people out there and you all were an encouragment to me!!! Also, SPECIAL THANKS to Sis. Lugo/Loogo (sp?) from Bro. Morton's church, who was sooo kind to me and told me that she has been praying for a husband for me...I was like WOW!!! This sister doesn't even know me and has NEVER met me, BUT she is praying for me...I was OMW!!! That is soooo COOL! And that was the last thought I had when I went to sleep that night, "I might not be meeting any guys while i'm here, BUT... Sis. Lugo is praying for a husband for me!!!"  AND I am soooo glad I got to meet so many people finally...

Me and Angel-soon-to-be-Kendrick
Angel I am sooo glad you came running after me on Friday.
You are such a sweet person and I LOVE your testimony...I read it on your site.
Your gonna be such a pretty bride and maybe one day me you AND Rubigo can all have a HUGE yard sale together...HAHA!!! ;)

Me and FaitherZ!!!
Lil Miss Meagan Rowell!!!
Soooooo glad we got our picture 2gether this time!!!
Me with the cRaZy and funny Leah and Yvette
We now have our TRADITION!!! HAHA! :)
Sheree & Danae, Cheree and Denae!!!
We just thought this was REALLY cool!!! :)
Oh and I just wanna say to Ashlyn and Danae...I met your mom, Sis.DeAro

  and she was SOOOO NICE and REALLY PRETTY!!!!!!
Me and Chantal!!!
She gave me these AWESOME Sahuaro shades cuz I'm a
Oooo yeah...this girl KNOWS ME!!! :)
My mom and our sweet lil gwuapo!!!
(Sooo cool people reconize him and MJ from this blog haha!!!)
Me and Rubigo Kendrick!!!
She is sooooo PRETTY!!!
We met in the Radisson Ladies room!!! HAHAHA!!!
I'm TELLIN you all...its a GREAT place to make friends
 and to find old friends at ANY Apostolic Conference!!! :)
The guys REALLY wanted me to take this picture on post in on here sooo everyone could see how "INVOLVED" they were, in the youth night...bahahaha!!!
 Heeeeey I WENT!!! Its 12-30, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, NO KIDS!!!
Thats me BABY! i still have THREE more years!!! I'm going till THE END!!!
HAHAHA! My brother John was like, OR you could just get married...
lol...three years isn't really that far off... its hard to imagine...haha!!!
Me and my cute, adorable,  rockin cool, little friend from the Glendale church...
Melissa Garcia...she is sooo AWESOME!!!
Me and my little MJ...dude this girl wasn't even sitting with me and she was all like tellin me which "boys" I should like...she was watching them praying, walking back and forth back and forth...I should like one of them! She is soooo OBSERVANT!!! LOL THANK God she didn't blow any kisses to guys FOR ME this year...hahahahaha!!! LOVE BEING AN AUNT!!! :)
Me and Jen Conell!!!
We finally got to meet...and she is just BEAUTIFUL...we actually ended up, without planning it, sitting on the same rwo the last we are together...
Both of us are HALF ITALIAN...
Stephanie and Cheree!!!
Look at them...they are soooo PRETTY!
Soooo glad I got to meet these girls!!!
Theresa and MJ...AWWWW!!!!

Me and Jose...I LOVE HIM!!!

Me and Sophia...Rockin the hot pink and black!!!
OOOOOooooo yeah!!! :)
I ♥ these girls too!!!

AND I saved the BEST for last!!!
Sis. Kathy and Sis. Bracken!!!
These two ladies are like fellow blog friends that are people that I just kind of look up too!!!
Sis. Braken is a missionary's wife to Taiwan and I just think that ANYONE who is a missionary is an amazing person in the kingdom of God!!! Sis. Kathy, is a faithful member of Bro. White's church that is like involved in EVERYTHING, she is the choir director, her husband is preacher and she is just a VERY, VERY encouraging person to us "older" single girls. Cuz she has been married for like 20 years now, but she didn't get married till she was like 26 or something... and we had TOTALLY been planning on meeting at Youth Alive but it NEVER happened cuz she was like doing soooo much stuff soooo were like we just HAVE to meet at WCC!!! And when we finally did we just hugged and hugged like OLD friends!!! It was funny cuz, my brother came to find me the first night of WCC cuz I was like talkin to people so we finally got ALMOST to the door and my brother is like, okkkaaay there are people calling for you but just IGNORE them!!! Sooo i'm like IGNORE SOMEONE????HAHA!!! Sooo i turn and look and I see two ladies waving to me and i'm like...hmmm...BUT then I realized it was Sis. Kathy and I was like...OH ABE...I GOTTA meet this lady!!! Then when I got over there I found out that it was Sis. Bracken it was a two for one deal and then we were all like OKAAAAY lets see who can post this picture FIRST!!! Sis. Kathy WON!!! LOL!  I LOVE YOU LADIES!!!

Ummmmmmmmm anything else to say??? Well, I also met a girl named Elena, Elissa, Rebecca and all the girls from the Jones church that I see at Heritage every year, AND HEATHER!!! i met this girl named Heather and EVERYTIME a girl would say hi to me after that I would be like...YOUR HEATHER RIGHT??? and it was NEVER Heather AGAIN!!! LOL! Well all you girls can email me anytime if you want... and if I forgot anyone that I met I am sooooooooo SORRRY just slap me up with an email!!!  :) If you ever come to AZ your welcome to stay with me and I'll introduce you to all the guys at my church and the neigboring churches...hahaha!!! ;) ;) ;) we got some AWESOME AZ GUYS!!!! :)

ONE MORE THING...I'm REALLY sorry that I ACCIDENTALLY registered myself @ the minister's table...I HAD NO IDEA I PROMISE!!! I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT!!! LOL! I was like there, like an hour before prayer on Thursday and I was just lookin at everything and I thought it was just like to get info emailed to you about WCC, I totally DID NOT read the sign above the table!!! Then they kept announcing for ministers to get registered and I was like OMW!!! And I looked and Sho nuff...I had registered myself at the MINISTER'S TABLE...and of course I put MY CHURCH NAME TOO!!! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!