Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tupperware Smile!!! :) (Repost from Nov. 2010)

So MJ comes home from school today and my sis tells her that later on we are going to Fry's and that she can pick out a donut. Well MJ is like ALL excited and stuff. So then my sis is going through the folder in MJ's backpack with all her papers and school work in it and she comes across a note from her teacher. The note says that TODAY at school Mary Jo had a bad attitude and talked back to ALL HER TEACHER'S!!! So my sis reads it to her and then tells her that she is going to have to write a SORRY note to her teachers and that because she had a bad attitude she will NOT be getting a donut or ANY treats at all for the day!!! Well of course MJ is immediately HYSTERICAL in tears and stuff. Sooooo i'm just standing there in the kitchen, putting away the dishes and my sister turns so that her back is to MJ, but i'm facing MJ and me and my sis just look at each other and we are trying NOT to laugh, BUT of course, being the wonderful aunt that I am, I can't help myself and I start to smile. So then to cover up my smile, I take the tupperware I am putting away and hold it over my face!!! My sis just looks at me and is like,
"uh Mary.... The Tupperware is CLEAR!!!!"
It was a total CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!