Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Something that drives me cRaZy!!!

Why can't can't Starbucks just have NORMAL size names?!?!

AND to top it all off their in all different languages...french, Spanish, EnGrish, it could be African for all I know!!! Can't we at least be consistent with their language?!?!
*It also drives me cRazy when they just ASSUME that I don't want whip cream on my coffee...Of course I want it!!! I'm paying $5 bucks ADD on the cream baby!!!

* When people read what I am writing over my shoulder
*When people eat what I am cookin, WHILE I am STILL COOKIN it!!!
*I'm NOT a neat freak, BUT when people leave trash and cups around the computer...LOL!
*When People pick at whatever I made and just eat off the icing and mess the rest of it all up!
*When guys wear pink!!!!
*When guys accesorize MORE and take MORE time to get ready than me!!!
*When people write in gangsta style!!! UGH! That drives me CRAZY! I don't care what color you are OR WHAT color your trying to represent...I shouldn't have to sit there for five minutes and have to figure out what your sayin...Its ANNOYING!!!
*When people ONLY hang out with CERTAIN people...that makes me SOOO MAD!!!
*You know what one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is?!?!
When people don't capitalize, God, Jesus or the Bible!!!
I'm NOT fo sho NOT the grammar police, BUT, these ARE kinda like pretty important words!!! They are sacred and holy so don't be going all gangsta or abbriviatin with the spellin of them either!!! It's not jeezuz or godd or bbl!!! Get it RIGHT!!! :)

Sooooooooo what drives YOU cRaZy?!?!