Friday, December 17, 2010


#5 You are soooo ADORABLE and CUTE!!! I think you have the cutest blog ever!!! (Check out #5's blog HERE) I LOVE that you LOVE the color pink!!! It's my absolute favorite color TOO!!! I think it is SOOOO cooool that you have a PINK camera! I used to have a hot pink one but I broke it! I used to have a light pink one but I lost it!!! LOL! So I admire the fact that a little girl like you has managed to be more RESPONSIBLE and take BETTER CARE of her pink camera than a 27-year-old has with TWO PINK CAMERAS!!! This is a very good trait to have soooo keep it up girl!!! Keep ♥LOVING ♥JESUS♥  and you'll ALWAYS stay SWEET!!! ;)