Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flier design!!!

Soooo in January, I am going to be traveling around for a little while in New Mexico, with my friend Lorraine Orozco as she goes around to churches singing, giving her testimony and selling her books. So she told me that If wanted to make a flier for my blog to promote my blog or whatever I could. So I asked my AWESOME, TALENTED friend Romo, who has only been on winter break from college for like two days if he would help with this. He said that he would and NOT only would he come up with ONE design, BUT several for me to choose from...I'm LIKE WOW THANKS!!! Soooo since last night this is what he has come up with. I honestly like ALL OF THEM ALOT, but there is one that I just absolutley love, love, love, I mean like before I make the final decision, I want to know what YOU, ALL of my blog readers think? Which one best represents, Classic Mary Moments??? Please VOTE!!! Be honest and you can leave an anonymous comment too...JUST BE NICE!!! :)

(Click on picture to enlarge it)
What do you all think???
P.S Thank you sooooooooo much for doing this for me Romo!!!
 I really appreciate it!!! Your AWESOME and I promise mint brownies!!! HAHA!!! :]