Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HAVE YOU been praying by for him!?!?!?!

I saw this book in my friend's purse Sunday night at church and just HAD to look it over!!! After reading the first couple of paragraphs I was HOOKED and knew that I was gonna have to order one for myself ASAP!!! AnywayZ, I turned to another one of my friends and was like awwwww... listen to what Debi Pearl says here, "Is there a young man that in passing you have thought would be a good husband? Have you been praying for him by name?" My friend is like "Ooooo"...raises her eybrows at me and is like, "Soooo HAVE YOU been praying for someone by name?!" I think about it for a few seconds... Hmmmmm...Praying for A young man by name?! ONE???  As in singular?!?! I'm all "GIRRRRRL...I'm soooooo SPIRITUAL... I've ACTUALLY... been praying for  SEVERAL young men BY NAME!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Heeeeey... WHY do you think there are sooooooo many awesome, Godly,  young men in Pentecost?!?!
Mary's BEEN PRAYING!!! ;)