Monday, January 17, 2011

Guess what January 18th is?!?!

Take a wild guess at what JANUARY 18th is?!?!?! YES, thats right...its my HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Woooohooo!!! Soooo exciting eh?! ;) Yes, THAT DOES MEAN that in EXACTLEY 6 MONTHS I will be having a WHOLE BIRTHDAY...this is an advance notice for you all that were wondering and felt the need to mark your calenders...JULY 18th is THE DAY to celebrate the incredible birth of ME!!! But why wait till then...lets start NOW!!! HAHA!!! If any one needs gift ideas I AM VERY EASY TO PLEASE!!! Stuffed animals, hair accessories, chocolate AND... I think THESE roses are BEAUTIFUL!!!

 I soooooo would scream if I had these!!!
AnywayZ, I just wanted  you all to be aware of what January 18th was celebrating!!!
P.S. Also, happy whole birthday on the 18th to MY DAD and I think also Robby Duncan!!! What an honor to be born on MY HALF BIRTHDAY!!!! Feel SPECIAL, very, VERY special!!! :]