Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting BEHIND!

I saw this picture and just TOTALLY busted up laughing!!! It reminds me of when I was a kid, and the song leader was introducing our pastor to preach and he was like, "Who's gonna get BEHIND the preacher tonight?!?! And every was like all clappin and were like AMEN!!! And I was like WOW!!! This is soooooooo cool!!! We're gonna all be standin behind the preacher when he preaches tonight!!! And the whole time i'm trying to figure out HOW our church was gonna fit on the platform while he preaches. So he starts preaching and I'm just waiting and he is preaching and I'm just waiting and he is preaching and i'm waiting and waiting and waiting and finally Pastor Abbott says its time to stand up and pray and i'm like WHAT?! WHAT?! But we NEVER got  to stand behind the preacher!!!! I was sooooooo DISAPOINTED!!!! AND from then on I would KEEP hearing them say to get behind the pastor, BUT we NEVER ACTUALLY DID!!! I couldn't figure that out!!! Why would you say it and then not do it and WHY do they ALWAYS say that we should do it!!! To this day I wonder what would happen if i REALLY did stand behind my pastor when he preaches!!!! Next time they say it, I think I'm just gonna have to FIND OUT!!! ;) ;)