Friday, January 14, 2011

MJ's doll!!!!

Weeellll EVERYONE that knows my neice MJ, knows that she LOVES her baby boy!!! She dresses him up in REAL baby clothes and takes him EVERYWHERE!!! He has a suit and has EVEN been with us to Hawaii!!! Well whenever people see MJ with this doll, they first think that he is REAL!!! We'll have people STARING at us in shock at the way he is being hold or ESPECIALLY if he is like thrown into the grocery cart!!! Then when they relize he's a doll they put their hand on their heart and are like, "OH! I thought that was a REAL baby!!!"
Well its FUNNY...cuz when people see the doll they think he is a REAL baby!!! BUT when I see certain REAL babies, I think OMW!!! They have a doll JUST LIKE MJ'S!!! Then my heart just about FLIPS OVER when the doll MOVES!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!