Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cover your mouth???

I have you EVER heard someone say that to you as a child?!?!?! You sneeze and your parent or teacher would be like, "COVER YOUR MOUTH!!!" And i'm like okaaaaaaaaay your SNEEZING NOT coughing!!! I was reminded of this the other day when my neice let out this HUGE sneeze and did a PERFECT job of JUST COVERING HER MOUTH!!! I was like EWWWWWW!!! And she is all like, WHAT?!?! I COVERED MY MOUTH!!! I'm like, COVER YOUR NOSE MJ...COVER YOUR NOSE!!! I mean, I don't know about YOU ALL, but when I SNEEZE its my NOSE that needs MAJOR covering from everyone!!! I don't know if people are just confused or if they REALLY think its coming from their mouth and if it is, thats JUST NASTY!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Sooooo yeah, this is CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS, reminding you all that its YOUR NOSE, not YOUR MOUTH!!! Please let your children know!!! :]