Thursday, February 3, 2011

How will they know?!

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35)

I woke up one morning last week with this verse on my mind. The whole time I was sleeping before I woke up I just kept thinking, we gotta love! We gotta love! We gotta LOVE!!! If we want the world to know that we are followers of Christ WE HAVE GOTTA LOVE!!! When first looking at this scripture our first thoughts are that we gotta LOVE the lost. HOWEVER, that is NOT what this scripture is referring too. I believe this scripture is talking about us folks already IN the church, LOVING EACH OTHER!!!

Sometimes its easier to love someone OUTSIDE that is lost than to love our own brother and sister in Christ!!! We think we are being such a witness by the way we dress and the things we do for people outside of the church. Somtimes it LITERALLY FEELS EASIER, to dress holy, talk right, be pure, abstain from evil, than to put up with THAT ONE know...THAT PERSON at your church that JUST IRKS YOU!!! (Don't act like you don't know what i'm talking about...your NOT perfect...YOU KNOW there is SOMEONE that ANNOYS YOU!!!;)  BUT the Bible says THEY WILL KNOW...if we have love ONE TO ANOTHER!!!

You wanna be a witness???  The next time someone makes a really irritating comment to you, bite  your tongue from a sarcastic comment back, AND LOVE THAT PERSON!!! You want the world to REALLY know that your a Christian??? Instead of broadcasting it on your t-shirt (NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! I LOVE THAT KINDA STUFF) or with bumper stickers on your car, TRY LOVE!!!

"...Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself..."
 (Mark 12:31)