Saturday, February 12, 2011


Soooo I get this phone call the other day and I normally do NOT answer my phone if I don't reconize the number...BUT for some reason I answered and this man is telling me that I made it to the next level for some kinda $30,000 giveaway they were doing at PV Mall a couple of weeks ago. AND I had soooooo NOT been into it...BUT Kim like MADE ME fill one out too...after I told her that it wasn't gambling if she did it...HAHA!!! So this man is like you've made it to the next level and blah, blah, blah...and he is like can I just verify a few things...

 and he goes over my name and address and then he is like, "Now would you say that your yearly income is over or pretty close to 40,000?" I'm all like, Uh, WAAAAAAAY UNDER!!! And he is like, "Oh is there anyway you could combine your income with anyone else?" I'm like, uh NO!!! He is like ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD?!" I know there is NO way my sister will...AND Kim's 3-hour-a-day job combined with mine STILL wouldn't make it...BAHAHA!!! I'm just like noooooo....he is like ANYONE?!?! I'm like sir I'm single!!! Sooooo SINGLE!!!  Single as a dolla bill!!!" And the man just busts up laughing!!! He is like, "I've NEVER heard that one before!!!" Then he asked a few more questions and then he is like ending his call and he is all "Well thank you Mary for making me laugh today!" I was like, YOUR WELCOME!!!

Then I was tellin the girls and Kim was all like WHAT? You might be winning 30,000 they NEVER called me back!!! ANd i'm just like...I MADE HIM LAUGH!!! He thanked me for making him laugh!!! And Kim is like, YOUR NOT EVEN excited that you made it to the next level of winning 30,000...Your MORE exited about making somone laugh!!!" AHAHAHA!!! I'm like I KNOW!!! (I mean maybe if I ACTUALLY had the 30,000 but I seriousley DOUBT thats gonna happen!!! PLUS, I'm still trying to figure out WHY I have to MAKE a certain amount to WIN MONEY?!?!! I SOOOOOOO shoulda asked him THAT!!!)  But REALLY, I LOVE making people laugh!!! It totally brightens my day AND brings me joy!!!

Plus...the sprinkles on the cupcakes was THIS...
I USED my singleness to make someone laugh!!!