Friday, February 11, 2011

Stanley Steemer!!!

Sooooo before my sister leaves for work yesturday, she tells me that Stanley Steemer is coming to clean our carpets. So i'm just like yeah,  yeah, WHATEVER!!! Cuz I mean who cares about the ghetto carpet cleaning guys...RIGHT?!?! I'm just in my cleanin grubs, hair leftover from the day before, i'm washin dishes... the door bell rings...sooooo I go runnin to the door and standing there were the Stanley Steemer dudes...and MUCH to my SURPRISE...I was sooooo WRONG!!! Standing there was one of the HANDSOMEST guys I've EVER seen...I mean WOW!!! I'm thinking...MAN...I soooooo shoulda curled my eyelashes...and He's like, "We're here to clean your carpet maa'm!!!" And I'm thinkin...awwwwww...he wants to clean my carpet...HOW SWEEEET!!!" LOL!!!

And the whole time they are cleanin all I could think was... Would it be weird if I offered them a slice of freshly baked apple pie? Where are my church cards?!?!?! AND WHY IN THE WORLD is the song, "God Blessed the Broken Road" going through my mind?!?!