Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Heeeeey EVERYONE!!!
I am soooooooooo EXCITED about A Mountain Apart Apostolic Youth Camp!!! THIS is the BEST CAMP EVER!!! It has the "Official" CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS STAMP OF APROVAL STAMPED ALL OVER IT!!! Last year the age bracket was 12-25 AND I was THE OLDEST camper age 26 they STILL let me be a camper and BIG SURPISE but I magaged to somehow
FIT RIGHT IN with EVERYONE...HAHA!!! THIS YEAR, thanks to ME askin...THE CAMPER AGE HAS NOW BEEN MOVED UP TO 30!!! Woot, woot!!!

Families are also welcome to go and participate if your not in the right age bracket to be a YOUTH CAMPER!!! This camp is located in the mountains of New Mexico. The weather is great like what we have RIGHT now where its warm but cools down at night and in the mornings!!! This camp is NOT only fun (I can't wait to do archery this year!!! Last  year I was soooooo SICK from a tooth I had to miss out on this part)but also has a very strong empahsis on prayer and drawing closer to God.

Now, i'm NOT gonna lie, this camp is a lot smaller than other conferences, but I actually liked it like that!!! It was like coZy AND by the end of the week last year, all of us campers were pretty much BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! This summer I have a restraint on my finances due to the fact that my brother is getting married in Bohol PI and I have to save up ALOT of money for that...SOOOO I have to make a choice to which conferences I will travel too AND...My CHOICE IS MADE...
  all the way baby!!! :)
For more info go HERE