Friday, April 8, 2011


How many of you CLASSIC MARY MOMENT readers LOVE Adventures in Odyssey???♥♥♥
I DO!!!!!!
AND this newest series out is AWESOME!!! I stayed up till 4:30 am listening to them!!! I just couldn't stop myself to go to sleep!!! Its a mystery series sooooooooo I had like ALL the lights in the front of the house on and I kept looking over my shoulder!!! LOL!!! SERIOUSLEY...I don't want to spoil it for you all BUT...some of our FAVORITES characters ARE BACK!!! I kinda cried for some of it, laughed a ton and Oooooo and there was some ROMANCE TOO!!!
I think my FAVORITE part of the whole series was Wooten's picnic!!!! BAHAHAHA!!! The timing of it!!! OMW!!! I soooooooo LOVE that guy!!! I like picniks too and I could sooooo see myself doing what Wooten did at a time like that!!!
And I can't lie, I ACTUALLY felt JEALOUS when one of my AIO crushes has a crush on a NEW GIRL!!! HAHAHA!!! I was sitting there listening and all of the sudden I felt JEALOUS!!! I was like..WHAT IS THIS??? Oh MY I have issues...I seriousley NEED HELP!!! I think we need to start a therapy group called AIO Anonymous!!! All of us AIO fanatics could get together and talk about the show...can't you just imagine...

Hi! My name is Mary, i'm 27 years old and...
 I'm ADDICTED to Adventures In Odyssey!!!!

Listen to ALL 12 episodes HERE!!!