Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I learned at Bible College!!!

1. The key to evangelism is PRAYER!!! If you want to reach the lost, you want your church to grow...PRAY!!!

2. Numbers don't make converts. We want converts NOT numbers

3. How long should you pray? Until you've touched God!!!

4. The best "program" you can get for your church is prayer!!! The Bible way is prayer, prayer, PRAYER!!!

5. EVERYDAY pray for your family, your church and your pastor!!!

6. The reason why a church stays small is lack of prayer

7, Three ways to break through when you feel like you can't touch God:
     1. Praise  Him!!! REALLY praise him!!! The Bible says enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and praise!
     2. Repent!!! Search you heart and ask God to cleanse you
     3. Quote scripture

8. It is important to CRY in prayer!!! AND don't get there by burning yourself frying chicken...BAHAHA!!! Its best to just ask God to give you a spirit of brokeness!!!

9. Its ok to have a stronger burden for one person than for another. A burden comes from God and its for a reason.

10. When you pray, put a name to it!

11. Prayer doesn't need a guilt trip. Its about spending time with God. The quality is more important than the actual amount of time.

12. "When the hungry soul and the praying saint reach God, the impossible is made possible!" (Bro. Garrett)

EVEN if it is kiwi watermelon Ice Cubes ...DON'T DO IT!!! :))))