Sunday, April 17, 2011


Soooooooo i've done TOTALLY AWESOME on my diet!!! I mean like BOMB!!! I've lost 32 pounds(Oh thanks for the aplause) I have NOT cheated AT ALL!!! BUT tonight...TOTALLY went off!!! AND the biggest part is that I didn't even realize I went off my diet!!!

It was after church and my BROTHERS are all like...heeey Mary, you went off your diet tonight!!! I was like NO I DIDN'T!!! They are like, YES YOU DID!!! I was like NO I DIDN'T!!! They had these smug looks on your face...did you take COMMUNION??? I'm like yeah...SOOOOOOOOO????

*GASP!!! OMW!!! I did go off my diet tonight by taking communion!!! I didn't even realize it!!!! I didn't even think about it at all!!! I think God musta TOTALLY blocked it from my mine otherwise I wouldn't of been focusin on him...I mean I would still taken it but I probabley would have been focusing on breakin my diet to!!! LOLOL!!!

Soooooo if I gain any weight tomorrow it is ALL for the glory of God!!! HAHAHA!!!