Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey if everyone could stop and take a moment to read this email and pray I would greatly appreciate it!!! My friend Kimberlee Ford's aunt has been on the waiting list for quite some time to get a lung transplant. They just got a call, sadly someone was in a car accident, but they were a donor so now there is a transplant for Kim's aunt. They will be starting the surgery immediately and Kim would just like it if everyone would pray that everything will go smoothly, they are very nervous because its a HUGE surgery and a lot could go wrong!!! Also, she would like it if you guys would pray that God would use this to bring her aunt to salvation and for it to bring her family back together!!! We know that God is able and that there is power in PRAYER!!! Thanks EVERYONE!!!
♥Mary :)
P.S. If anyone wants to send a message to Kim you can do so at